About Me

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Hello, I am Lowell Lane.  Welcome to my site.

I enjoy many things, but on this site the main things I want to talk about are my family, cooking, entertaining,  and entrepreneurship.

Come back often and see what is new!


I have been married to my lovely wife Laura since 1986 and we have 4 children, Matthew, Emily, Michael, and Amy. We live in Carthage, Mo in a little Cottage we refer to as Harvest Lane Cottage along side Center Creek.

Cooking –

Food is my passion.  I love to grow it, cook it, eat it, and share it with others.  I love trying new things and changing the recipes to make it my own. I will post many of my successes and maybe a few of my not so successful recipes also.

chef lowell

Entertaining- My wife and I have the gift of hospitality. We try to entertain as often as possible. I just love all the preparations and then seeing the pleasure it brings people.


Entrepreneurship– I started my first business venture in 1991.

I will share some experiences, lessons learned, techniques, and how-to and how-not-to ideas.

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Higher Vision Coaching Training and Consulting

Business website: http://www.timeforvision.net

I hope you enjoy my site and find something interesting that we have in common.

God Bless you!


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