Dinner Party at Foxborough

We are the caretakers of a beautiful place just outside Carthage.  The owner, Mr. Richart, had a birthday recently so I invited them over for a little belated birthday party.

Bob and Jane Richart

Table for 12

Oh how we love to entertain. We had nice music and a slide show playing on the computer, candles, lace tablecloth, and fresh-cut flowers from the Peony bushes outside.      SALAD: Here is my recipe. 2 heads Romaine lettuce1/2 head purple cabbage shredded (#5)4 radish sliced (#4)2 stalks celery diced (#5)1/2 large zucchini shredded (#2)2 carrots shredded (#2) Toss and chill.  Serve with your favorite dressing. THE MAIN COURSE: Pork chops with Apples and Sweet potatoes, and hot homemade dinner rolls.

Recipe from www.saladmasterchef.com  PORK CHOPS  Utensils Needed: Saladmaster Machine, Electric Liquid Core Miracle Skillet with cover


4 – Boneless 1-Inch Loin Pork Chops

4 – Large Apples (McIntosh, Rome or Gala) 

2 – Large Sweet Potatoes 
1. Pre Heat Electric Skillet To 400 Degrees

2. Season Pork Chops, Place Season Side Down In Skillet & Cover

3. Process Apples on (#2 Blade)

4. Flip Pork Chops

5. Place Apples On Pork Chops

6. Place Sliced Sweet Potatoes On Apples & Cover

7. Set Probe to 220 Degrees For 20 Minutes


And for the birthday boy, homemade chocolate Texas sheet cake.

Oh my goodness!  Cocoa, cinnamon, moist, and a cinnamon fudge frosting.

Our guest– The Chowhounds supper club

Bob and Jane Richart

Steve and Chris Black

Fun was had by all and they even asked for doggie bags!