Flowers, Herbs, Lasagna, and Surgery

This is not a recipe, just a list of some of the things I had to get done before surgery on Wednesday.

I started Tuesday and planted our flower box and an old pot with herbs and flowers.

Oregano and Cinnamon Basil

Laura’s favorite petunias

More petunias

Then I had to fix the screen window in our bathroom.  One of the screws came loose.  After getting that one done I had two other windows that I had not pulled the glass out of from winter and replaced with a screen.  So of course I had to clean all of it first and then put it all back together.  It sure made a difference in the breeze coming in.

My wife Laura does not like the heat.  So the next project was to get the window A/C from storage in the well room and put in our bedroom window.   That was another window I had to take apart and clean and then install the A/C.  She loves being able to go in and cool off now, and she is sleeping better.

Now it is time to do a little Lasagna gardening.   This method requires no tilling or digging in your garden spot.  I started by mowing the spot down as close as possible and then laying cardboard down.  Next was a layer of straw from the chicken pens.  We started a pile of straw and compost this winter and have been adding to it since.  After pulling up the straw the dirt was nice rich and black with a ton of worms in it.  So we put straw and dirt on the first layer about 3 inches deep.

1st layer

Next we added leaves.  This fall we had a million leaves and so we made a pile of mostly mulched leaves and some whole.  They were nice and starting to break down.  We filled up about 4 wheel barrels full and added them on next.

Mulched leaves

By the way, under those leaves more wonderful dirt full of worms so we added some more dirt.

Next we added some mulched grass clippings I had from another pile.

All in all we had about 6 inches of wonderful rich materials to plant in.  I then watered this really well and let it set the rest of the day in the sun.


Dad showing kids how to plant first

Emily 12 and Amy 8 planting their Tomatoes

Michael 10 hard at it

Little Amy loves to dig

Proud little Lasagna farmers

And all of us were out the door clean and ready to go for surgery by 8:30 AM Wednesday.

Just another day at Harvest Lane Cottage


About Lowell Lane

Food is my passion; I love to grow it, cook it, eat it, and share it with others.
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One Response to Flowers, Herbs, Lasagna, and Surgery

  1. Sounds like a great day minus the surgery. Lowell is recovering well.

    ~The Wife

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