Jalepeno Poppers

Jalepeno picked from our garden

First clean and rinse your Jalepeno and lay on paper towel to dry.

The seeds and ribs are the hot part

Next cut the stem end off and remove the ribs and seeds.  Be careful they can burn your hands.

Cut the Jalepeno in half and prepare to stuff

I like to experiement and so I tried to do them whole and stuff them, cut a slit in the side to stuff, and cut in half as the recipe called for.  I prefer cutting in half.

Time to make the stuffing

8 oz of cream cheese, 1 lb of cheddar cheese, and bacon bits.

Shred cheese, add bacon bits, and cream cheese and mix throughly.

ready to stuff?

1st stage of breading

Stuff each pepper with cheese mixture.

In a bowl add 1 cup of milk.  In another bowl add 1 cup of flour.

Dip in milk then roll in flour and coat well.

Let sit for 10 minutes.

Stage 2 of breading

In one bowl add 1 cup of milk  in other bowl 1 cup of Panko Japenese bread crumbs.

I discovered these bread crumbs in another recipe, but they work very well when frying.

Prepare the oil

Heat to 365 degrees before frying.

Fry for 3 minutes till lightly golden brown.

place on paper towel to let drain.

Serve with a little Ranch dressing.

Lets dig in!

OH! MY!  These are Soooo   Goood !



About Lowell Lane

Food is my passion; I love to grow it, cook it, eat it, and share it with others.
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7 Responses to Jalepeno Poppers

  1. Jill says:

    Yum! These look awesome!

  2. Laura Lane says:

    The Wife here:

    It’s actually 1/2 lb of cheese not 1 lb.

  3. Deb says:

    I always wear gloves so as not to do something stupid like rub my eyes or something! 😉

  4. Thanks for linking at The Fabulous Party. I’ve pinned your recipe/post on the The Fabulous Pinterest Board! The party is on going just the linky changes on Sunday and the theme changes monthly! Come over anytime and link. I think I’ll go make some poppers! Yum. Yum!

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