Starting seeds indoors

I talked the other day about where I plan to start my seeds, now I want to talk about the process of starting seeds indoors. According to my planting schedule, the week of 2-21 to 28, I need to get my petunia, lettuce, kale, brussel sprouts, cabbage, brocoli, and cauliflower seeds started.

Let’s start with the planting medium.  I am using a professional super-fine germinating mix.  I was able to purchase it from my local feed store, because she has her own greenhouses.  Check around at your local greenhouse they have a good stock this time of year.

Wet your mix before putting it into container or tray.

022113133958I just got an old bucket and filled it with germinating mix, then added water and stirred until moist but not wet.  I tried watering after planting the seeds, but watering the mix first is easier and ensures that you don’t disturb the seeds.

022113141718I have purchased several types of grow trays, but I really like the ones that have a water tray on the bottom.  This allows the plants to get water as needed, and again you don’t disturb the seeds as they are germinating.

022113141934After filling the tray and leveling off the mix, use a pencil tip and make your holes for planting the seeds.

022113144110I put my seeds in a little bowl and then I found a nice pair of very fine tip tweezers that allow me to pickup the seed and place in the hole.  I found these at the farm and home store in the tool section for under $7.00.

022113144201I use one hand to pickup and drop the seeds in the hole, the other to gently cover the seed.  Keep your tweezers dry.  It will be lot easier to pick up the seeds.  After planting, make sure your seedlings are damp, use a mister if necessary.


Place the lid on them, and put them in a warm location out of direct sunlight until you see the first seedlings sprout.

022113180519The best place I came up with is on the floor in our kitchen.  It is warm in there, will get light, but not direct sunlight.

Now, just wait about a week……


YEAH, I am so excited.  I looked at the seedlings today and this is what I found.  

So, I planted these last week and today this is what is coming up already.

So I have placed them under the grow light and tilted the lid.


Next, I wait till they all come up and then remove the lid and let them grow.

I love planting seeds indoors!



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Food is my passion; I love to grow it, cook it, eat it, and share it with others.
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One Response to Starting seeds indoors

  1. Amy says:

    Great Post! I cant wait till the petunias blossom but I know that will be a while yet!
    Love You Dad!
    your daughter

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