God’s provision

In December 2010, I was getting ready to start a new job in Kansas City, Mo.  We had 2 vans and both had died, so we were borrowing vehicles to get around.

I needed a good dependable car that got good mileage.

On my own, I couldn’t buy a vehicle, BUT GOD!

2002 Grand AM

This is a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am.  It was in great shape and got good mileage.  It is a 4 door so it would haul 5 of us around, but we have a family of 6, so often we would have to make 2 trips, or someone just had to stay home.

Since then, our kids have really grown.  Matthew (22) lives on his own now.  Emily (15) is all grown up and taller than Laura.  Michael (13) is growing into his size 13 shoes and is now about 6’1.  Amy (11) is just a little shorter than Emily.  So imagine the 3 of them in the backseat of this little Grand Am.

We have been praying for God’s provision of a debt-free van, and we knew that when the time was right, God would provide.


2004 Pont Montana

This is a 2004 Pontiac Montana.  Plenty of room, checked out great with the mechanic, and Laura’s favorite part, RED!

We are giving GOD all the glory and praise for His provision.


About Lowell Lane

Food is my passion; I love to grow it, cook it, eat it, and share it with others.
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One Response to God’s provision

  1. sharon hill says:

    you are as always amazing …love hearing everything you and Laura are doing , it Blesses my heart to read about all you have going on….love to all the Lanes….

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