Gardening update 4-7-13

Yesterday I finally got to do some planting… in the garden!

First thing we had to do a little clean up.  I made my planting rows then I made grass rows so I can walk down the rows without compressing the soil.  I mowed the rows and then the kids helped by picking up rocks.  Emily is sitting digging rock out so I don’t hit them with the mower. 040613113643040613104501

The kids are awesome helpers.  Michael used his strength to break up the soil then Amy came behind him and racked off the grass and weeds.

040613113625 040613113638

POTATOES!  Yes I know they were supposed to be in on St. Patrick’s day, but I tilled the day before St. Patrick’s then it rained and has been a mud hole ever since.  My old neighbor has been planting his potatoes for years by laying the potatoes on the ground with the eyes up and then covering with about 4-6 inches of straw and he always has lots of potatoes.  You can’t see it very well but in the top picture I laid a drip hose down the center of my row before I covered the potatoes with the straw.  This will allow the potatoes to get a good watering.


Let me talk about compost for a moment.  Last year we started putting all our table scraps, excluding meat or fat, in an area to make compost.  We have added grass clippings, leaves, chicken manure, any kind of raw or cooked vegetable scraps.  Occasionally we water and turn it.  I fixed up a flower box for Laura to put her Petunias in, so I went to the compost bin to dig up some dirt to fill it, BLACK GOLD!  This is the nicest and best dirt I have ever seen.  All the stuff had broken down and it was full of worms.  If you are considering composting, it is well worth a little extra time and effort.

040713154358 040713154522

Planting! as you can see I still have lots of planting to do.  In the top picture you can see my cabbage, brocoli, Brussel sprouts, kale, and lettuce are doing well, but now they have to be planted.  I will take a couple of days and harden off the plants before going into the garden.  Aren’t those colors awesome!

040613134416 040613134428

One last thing I wanted to share, Japanese Flowering Cherry.  Mary Bethel, a fellow Master Gardeners has this in her front yard.  It is a beautiful tree, but she said it blooms and is gone very quickly.  Another beauty of God’s creation.

Time to go dig in the dirt some more!




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Food is my passion; I love to grow it, cook it, eat it, and share it with others.
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2 Responses to Gardening update 4-7-13

  1. Laura Lane says:

    The flowers will be beautiful!

  2. I have started my first veggie garden ever! Planted from transplants yesterday. It is only a 4×4 area and I want to prepare another but it is a lot of work. I’m hoping to start a compost area soon. I’m looking forward to reading more about your garden!

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