Garden Update 4-14-13

Lots going on in the garden today!


First little Amy and I finished Laura’s petunia flower bed.  We had planted the flower box and 2 hanging baskets but we wanted to finish the bed along the sidewalk.  Pictured here Amy is weeding the bed and loosening the dirt in preparation of planting the flowers. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the after shot.


Next I had to do some transplanting.  We purchased 16 tomato plants from the local farm store so we would have early tomatoes.  These were in little 4 packs so I transplanted them into the these individual pots hoping they will be good till they go in the ground in a couple of weeks. This was a mixture of Roma and Parker’s Whopper.  Tomato sandwiches are in our future!

041313143128Pictured here are 31 romaine lettuce plants I planted from seed. There are also brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and brocolli.  I am a little afraid to put these in ground because they are talking about the possibility of a few very cold nights this week. Also pictured are my marigolds that are going in the garden, 8 celery plants, and 18 cabbage plants.

041313151356My mom, Judy Lane, wanted to come over so I put her to work helping us plant.  Got to have the gardening hat, but I love this picture.  She throughly enjoyed herself and told us stories of growing up in Winchester, Ks and that her mom had the biggest garden in town and they canned everything.

041313152540Planting a row with 31 romaine lettuce plants.

041313153322They look a bit spindly, but they will perk up quick.

041313153337Those are done!

041313162255Ever seen a celery plant?

041313162308I like to do companion gardening, so I planted a row with cabbage and celery.

041313162322If you notice, I till my row then put my drip hose down the middle and then plant on either side.  The plan will be to let the seedlings get a bit bigger and then I will place 4 layers of newspaper around the plants to block the weeds and then place straw all around to help hold the moisture in. That is easy gardening!


It was time for a break and Laura was in making one of my favorites, Chili!  Yummy!


At the end of the day it was time to help Amy plant her raised bed garden.  She is taking a Horticulture class at Co-Op and this has been one of her projects.  She has been planting all kinds of experiments in the house, so she wanted to get them in the ground.

To make a raised bed simply use 4-  1X6 boards, 2 long and 2 short.  Place the box in full sun, then apply 4 layers of newspaper on the bottom on top of the grass and all, no need to till.  Make sure you use the black and white soft paper, not the shiny colored ads and inserts.

041313173711Amy found a big worm from the compost pile.

041313173725Next smooth out the compost dirt and get ready to plant the bed.

041313175209Amy planting her corn plants.

041313175415Amy planted corn, garlic, red beans, and marigolds.

041313175830She grew her seeds in canning jars or 2 liter plastic pop bottles.  They all grew just fine.

Well, I still have over 100 flowering plants that I bought for flower beds, and over 100 tomato plants that are growing from seed under my grow lights.  I still have pansies, zinnias, and petunias I started from seed that I have to plant, too.

Then in the first part of May I will have to start planting my other seeds directly in the garden.

See you next week!

Let me know how your garden is growing!

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2 Responses to Garden Update 4-14-13

  1. I planted my first garden a little over a week ago. I’m happy everything is still alive and growing. 🙂

  2. You’ve been busy! Found you on Frugal Days and would love to have you join us on Wildcrafting Wednesday today!

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