Garden Update 5-7-2013


Yeah! The garden is growing. These are our peas. I just put up posts and a beginning wire for them to start climbing. My wife Laura is so excited.


Maricgolds are a great garden plant. They are a wonder drug of the companion planting world. So plant them everywhere.


Basil, oh sweet basil. I love my basil and so do my tomatoes. It is said that tomatoes product 20% better when planting with basil within 10 inches. I know this is true. One year I planted a row of tomatoes and did 2 tomatoes and then a basil plant. Then by my 3rd row I ran out of basil. The 3rd row was eaten by bugs and died. The 1st and 2nd row did awesome!


I love Rosemary, especially with anything chicken. This is my only Rosemary plant that was given to me by a man who has a organic garden in Joplin.


My onions are doing great! I planted red, yellow, white, and green.


Cabbage and Celery. Doing great and all my cabbage are starting to build a head. So excited!


Romaine lettuce are building heads and looking good. I was afraid the cold would hurt them, but they are fine.

Well happy gardening. Please comment and let me know how your garden is doing.



About Lowell Lane

Food is my passion; I love to grow it, cook it, eat it, and share it with others.
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