Back room disaster

081913085148I told Laura last night I didn’t feel like I have accomplished much on this vacation.  I spent all week piddling and doing a little here and there, but the big projects on my list have not been started yet.

This is what I woke up to this morning in our back room, breezeway.  WHAT A MESS!

I had some wonderful helpers, Emily, Michael, and Amy, so we emptied the backroom and the well room, then cleaned them thoroughly.  We started filling the well room back up, but much more neatly and organized. Now we can actually find stuff.

Then I was able to start prepping for painting. Doug at Joplin Paint Center is an awesome guy and he told me how to check to see if the walls were painted with oil or latex before.  I just put a little turpentine on a rag and rubbed the wall.  He said if it got gummy then it was latex, if not it was oil.  My walls were an oil base paint, so the recommended using a primer such as Kills first, then painting so the latex paint would adhere better.

081913154617 This is what the screen windows to the garage looked like before I painted them.

081913154627This is how nice and clean they look after a coat of paint.

081913154355This is how nasty the walls looked.

081913183722081913085148This is the first wall and it is all done.  Quite a difference from this morning, isn’t it?

I have to finish painting the walls and the back door in the morning.  Then I have five screen windows that need all new screens.

I am thinking about staining the floor, anyone have any experience and advice on how to prep this nasty peeling painted floor?


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