Lake house on Beaver Lake

What a way to end this vacation.  We have some new friends who invited us to come to stay at their lake house on Beaver Lake in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

2013 Family Vacation 005Such a peaceful place and so secluded.  15 minutes off a main road and 8 minutes was on rocky road (path) on a mountain side. No cell phones, e-mail, or any other communications, we did have a satellite for TV though.

2013 Family Vacation 011They had a really nice boat dock complete with ski boat, Honda wave runner, canoe, picnic area with sink and running water, and a BBQ grill.  WOW!

2013 Family Vacation 016Swimming was the number one attraction.  The water was a great temperature and very refreshing.

2013 Family Vacation 020Little Amy having a great time, along with Emily and Michael.

2013 Family Vacation 075They all loved it when daddy pulled them on the wave runner.

2013 Family Vacation 029On Friday morning we got a tour of the lake.  Ross and Janet Marsh were awesome host.

2013 Family Vacation 028Pontoon boat is a great way to travel.

2013 Family Vacation 051Ross dropped the kids off at the base of the cliff.

2013 Family Vacation 052They had to work as a team and figure out how to climb the side to get up to the top.  Good activity.

2013 Family Vacation 054This was the goal.

2013 Family Vacation 057Jumping off the cliff was great, but then they got to get a ride home on the tube.

2013 Family Vacation 042Beaver Lake is beautiful.  One of my favorite sites on the boat tour was the natural cliff.  We actually pulled the boat up underneath it and the water was dripping on the boat.  Awesome!

2013 Family Vacation 092Emily enjoying the tube.  I have to say this was one of my favorite activities, I got to get one of these.

2013 Family Vacation 121We had a very nice place to stay.  Thank you to the Bell family.

2013 Family Vacation 122It was very cute and very well equipped for guest.

2013 Family Vacation 221This is along the trail that we had to drive for 8 minutes to the payment from the house.  Beautiful.

2013 Family Vacation 264This is Inspiration point on the way home.  I believe this is the White River that comes off Beaver Lake.  It was a breath-taking view.

2013 Family Vacation 280On the way home we found a great little hamburger place called Carters in Anderson, Mo.  Great hamburgers!

We had a great time and it was a wonderful way to relax and refresh.

Sorry it took so long to get the pictures posted.



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