Fajitas at home

My wife and I love fajitas!  Our favorite restaurant in Joplin to get them is Festival Mexican Restaurant at the corner of 7th and Duquesne.

We decided to make fajitas at home.  So let’s go!

12We purchased this fajita mix at the Circle E store on East 96 Hwy Carthage, Mo.  It has NO MSG!

Step one is to cut your chicken in thin strips and put them in a bag or bowl with the Fajita mix.  Marinate for 20 minutes.

Next cut your onions and peppers.  We added a few jalapenos.

1Now you have your vegetables ready, and your meat is done marinating.

3Next heat your skillet.  For fajitas, I like to use my cast iron skillet.  It is good and heavy, and it is big enough to accommodate the meat and vegetables.

4Make sure it is good and hot before you add your vegetables.  You want the vegetables to sizzle when they hit the pan.

6You want to cook the vegetables till they are tender but still have a little crispness.

7Remove the vegetables and leave the juice. 8Again make sure your pan is good and hot then add the marinated chicken.

10When the chicken is done, add the vegetables back to the pan.

13While the meat and vegetables are getting hot, heat your tortillas.  We use a heavy duty double burner griddle pan or our electric skillet to heat them.

14The table is set and we are ready to eat now.  Yummy!

15When preparing the tortilla, don’t put too much filling in the shell, or you won’t get it closed. We added a little shredded cheese.  Secret to folding this is tuck in one end and then tuck in the side really good and roll tight just like you’re wrapping a baby.

17Dinner is served!

Disfrute de sus fajitas…. Enjoy your fajitas.


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About Lowell Lane

Food is my passion; I love to grow it, cook it, eat it, and share it with others. Business is also my passion; I am an entrepreneur, business consultant, and mentor.
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5 Responses to Fajitas at home

  1. Amy says:

    Hey Dad!
    Those were awesome fajitas, I am glad that you shared them. I hope you can make them again soon! They were absolutely amazing! Yum! Oh and anyone reading this comment, you really need to try this recipe it is so worth it.
    Blogging with Momma

  2. David Tinney says:

    These really sound good! I’ll try this recipe in the near future, Lowell.

  3. Deb says:

    We normally make fajitas on the grill, even in winter. I make a homemade recipe with lime juice, garlic, cumin, oregano, salt, pepper and oil. 😉

  4. You should cook more often! I wouldn’t mind having these again!

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